August 11, 2022

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4 Fantastic Farmhouse Home Décor Ideas

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<strong>4 Fantastic Farmhouse Home Décor Ideas</strong>

Going with a farmhouse look and feel for your home can be a great way to make it more comfortable and cozy for your family and guests, and it’s also a fun style that is full of character and endless possibilities when it comes to décor. Here are four fantastic décor ideas for achieving the iconic farmhouse style in your home. 

1. Incorporate Wooden Elements 

The natural wood aesthetic is a big part of what makes farmhouse the style that it is, and wood is an incredibly timeless and versatile material. You could use chairs that have a natural wood finish, for example, or woodworking pieces as art on the walls or on shelves. Treated wood countertops might be a striking option for your kitchen, or maybe just for a kitchen island to make it stand out. And remember, there are ways to treat wood other than staining it and painting it; you can always just sand it and apply polyurethane, for example, to both protect it and give it a solid and smooth finish. 

2. Mix in Vintage Items 

Another great way to implement the farmhouse style is to use older, vintage items in any given space. Farmhouse home décor is typically more on the rustic side, but that doesn’t mean that the majority of it needs to be vintage, so putting a vintage stool or art piece in an otherwise contemporary farmhouse space can add some class and depth to the overall aesthetic. Examples of this range from older jars and glasses to well-worn metal lighting fixtures and old carved toys and accessories. Even something as simple as an old horseshoe can bring a vintage feel to the space you’re decorating. 

3. Add Neutral Color Schemes 

The colors used in farmhouse home décor are typically very minimal and neutral, so paying attention to color schemes is important for achieving the right look. Beige, grey, and white are particularly appropriate and will maintain a simple, down-to-earth feel in just about any space while still adding enough contrast to make the room interesting. For example, you might make all but one of the walls in a room an eggshell white and make the last wall a medium grey while adding beige and brown furniture to the room. 

4. Buy Distressed Furniture 

Distressed furniture is a classic way to create the farmhouse look. The distressed look can give a piece a sense of both age and sturdiness, and it adds a bit of visual character to the furniture as well. Even if you don’t find the right pieces already in a weathered condition, you can always give a newer piece of furniture this kind of look by using sandpaper, steel wool, stain, and other distressing tools. Just be sure not to damage the piece or over-distress it in the process! 

These five simple ideas for farmhouse décor are just a few of the many great options out there for giving your home the warmth and character that are part of the farmhouse style. 

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