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Consider Time to Ponder the Pure Magic of Drinking water Lilies and Lotus Crops | Existence

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Numerous persons pay a visit to their local botanical gardens to assist the vital conservation function remaining finished and to check out out what’s seasonally blooming. According to Renee Waller, Communications & Marketing and advertising Director for Naples Botanical Back garden, the amount a single cause individuals visit a botanical yard is for rest and rest. Numerous site visitors arrive and simply sit on a bench to admire the inventive aquatic displays at the various drinking water lilies and lotus ponds.

For this take a look at, it was all about the drinking water lilies and lotus crops. Kathy Cahill, new Aquatics Places Supervisor, Danny Cox, Senior Horticultural Supervisor, Renee Waller, and I started out the tour by the Burle Marx mosaic wall on the lookout more than a large reflecting pool of tropical h2o lilies.

Cahill is just receiving began with the garden’s drinking water lily collection. Her purpose is to gather and curate, but presently she appreciates that they have one particular of the greatest collections all around. She is wanting forward to incorporating more vegetation and to make confident that the ponds are ample with breathtaking shows.

Cox is celebrating his 11th calendar year at the Backyard and as the prior Aquatics Places Supervisor, he is aware of every plant in the assortment, and over the final ten a long time has constructed an unbelievable collection.

For this report we will concentrate on the Tropical H2o Lilies or Nymphaea. There are at least 60 species of drinking water lilies and eighty % of the selection at the Garden are tropical drinking water lilies.

Tropical drinking water lilies consist of working day bloomer and night time bloomer varieties. Night time bloomers are inclined to be far more fragrant and will open up their flowers close to dusk and continue to keep them open up until about mid-morning. Working day bloomers open up all-around mid-morning and stay open until late afternoon. 

Kathy Cahill, Naples Botanical Garden’s Aquatic Regions Manager, checking out the lotus crops and keeping a white lotus flower.


According to Cox, most of the day blooming tropical drinking water lilies are aromatic. Relying on the selection and time of day, you will knowledge either a more robust or lighter scent. 

It is peak bloom for the drinking water lilies with magnificent displays in out-of-this-earth shades of pinks from delicate to rigorous, shades of reds, and blue-looking purples. According to Cox, in mother nature there isn’t a “true blue” h2o lily, and it is the aspiration of hybridizers to appear up with a truly blue drinking water lily.  

H2o lilies develop like any terrestrial vegetation with roots, stems, leaves, bouquets. They develop waxy leaves or pads of all measurements, shapes, and shades. Some leaves are light-weight to dark greens many others are mottled with maroons and reds, and they come notched, flecked, or variegated. They flatly rest on the water’s floor with a unique slice for h2o to drain out.

The exhibit stopper is the Victoria Amazonica, also regarded as the Large Water Platters, with substantial circular leaves. They are frequently pictured with a little child sitting down in the heart to exhibit the measurement and energy of the leaf. It is a aromatic night time blooming tropical water lily named following Queen Victoria and can grow up to eight feet throughout with rounded upturned edges. The big white to pink blooms are incredibly fragrant with a sweet pineapple-butterscotch scent. 

The underside of the leaf is supported by a pattern of rib-like cross ridges to hold the leaves flat and avoid it from collapsing. In accordance to Cahill, this rib-like sample was assumed to have been the unique inspiration for Joseph Paxton’s style of the Crystal Palace constructed for the Fantastic Exhibition in London in 1851.

The Water Backyard garden is the coronary heart of the aquatic assortment showcasing both equally water lilies and lotus vegetation. The boardwalk crossing allows for shut up viewing of the breathtaking flowers with its mesmerizing ripple designs, when the Thai Pavilion in the Lea Asian Yard is the excellent place for lotus viewing and contemplation. In numerous Asian cultures the lotus is the symbol of purity, attractiveness, and perfection.

The lotus plant is a member of the Nelumbo relatives and according to Cox, the lotus incorporates only two species with 1000’s of hybrids coming from the two species. The lotus flower is larger with wider petals and stunning colours of white, yellow, red and all shades of pink. The lotus leaves rise higher than the water amount and the very same is genuine of the flowers. Leaves are green, circular, and deepening in the middle with beads of drinking water. 

Equally drinking water lilies and lotus are viewed as jewels of the aquatic world with blooms rising from the murky waters in beautiful lively colours.


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