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‘It’s the gallery workers I get worried about’: Damien Hirst’s Gagosian takeover – overview | Damien Hirst

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Damien Hirst has started a 12 months-prolonged “takeover” of the echoing concrete-floored spaces of Gagosian Britannia Avenue. There is even a readymade hashtag #HirstTakeover, like a cry for awareness. I just can’t see how a calendar year-extensive exposure in a solitary industrial gallery can be fantastic for any artist, but with Hirst displaying anything someplace all the time anyway, I don’t suppose it will extend him much too much. It is the team at the London gallery I worry about. The is effective will be switching about the yr, but no particulars are out there.

The is effective filling the gallery presently appear under the rubric of Simple fact Paintings and Fact Sculptures, and span a lot more than 20 many years concerning 1993 and the current. The earliest function is a cow’s head, with tongue lolling, bleeding quietly on the gallery ground. If it is blood (there could be overall health and protection challenges if it is). Far more possible it is resin. Termed Scorching Adore, I’m not absolutely sure about the head possibly, which does not look pickled, and could, I suppose, be a simulacrum. Time will convey to. We have a year, and any selection of stand-in fresh bovine heads should really the require arise.

Features kitchen area sink … Fact Paintings and Actuality Sculptures. Photograph: © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All legal rights reserved, DACS 2021

But we are having in advance of ourselves. The 1st gallery is done out as an outdated-fashioned jewellery shop, with outdated wooden and glass cabinets filled with necklaces, brooches, rings and the like. Seemingly they are paste. It is all pearls in advance of swine to me. Beside the cupboards stand a selection of eco-friendly wheelie bins and a number of bulging black rubbish sacks, which appear in an version of five, and are titled Fool – not to be baffled with Gavin Turk’s rubbish sacks, produced from painted bronze, from 2008. The titles of these incongruous preparations of cased jewelry, bins and baggage are dispiriting, and consist of Wealthy Cunt, Deluded Rich Wanker and General public University Tosser.

Relocating together, a functional sanitising station stands in the corner, with more than enough bottles of sanitiser to cleanse the whole art earth, and a pair of scissors really should you need a haircut, or worse. Specified the self-parodic title of Solutions Towards the Terrific Infection (version of a few, in addition two artists’ proofs), this is a exceptional Hirst outing into Arte Útil, or helpful artwork. Afterwards, we appear to a completely-stocked Coke vending equipment, indistinguishable from the genuine matter. Dammit, it is the true detail (once more, edition of three, no want to go overboard. You are having the drift, I’m confident.) More editioned performs include a big, 6ft-tall stainless metal scalpel, a supermarket exhibit of Persil washing powders, capsules and liquids – which feels like a rejoinder to Jeff Koons’s vacuum cleaners from the 1980s –­ and a racking shelf-unit loaded with a desolate bunch of recycled cardboard packing containers, various piles of card and paper and a duplicate of The Legacy of the Tek Sing: China’s Titanic – Its Tragedy and Its Treasure, leaning among the detritus and offering the function its title. Canadian artist Michael Snow when designed a 45-moment audio stock of the stuff piled up in his studio shelving unit, accompanied by a single, bad-top quality projected slide as a visible accompaniment. I considered it was perhaps the most tedious artwork I experienced at any time seen. As opposed to Hirst’s Tek Sing, Snow’s do the job is The Raft of the Medusa.

The real thing ... Fact Paintings and Fact Sculptures.
The true thing … Reality Paintings and Reality Sculptures. Photograph: © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS 2021

Additional excitingly, Hirst provides us Love Dies Rapidly (edition of three, obvs), a rather dirty chipboard and melamine kitchen sink unit (together with alloy sink), ripped untimely from its unique fitted kitchen, wherever, we presume, adore has long gone down the plughole. At least this has a type of intense abjection. Livening all this up, there are heaps of photorealist paintings, substantial and smaller, depicting different butterflies at rest on crops, an atomic explosion, the artist dressed as a surgeon and morphed with an anatomical model, his new child son Cyrus being cleaned, and a modest portray of Paris’s Notre-Dame Cathedral on fire in 2019. No matter whether Hirst himself painted any of these or they ended up handed to studio assistants, I have no concept. I doubt the artist would have the time. For some rationale I considered of Gerhard Richter’s little, adulterated and smeared-more than photorealist rendition of the Twin Towers on fire on 9/11. Hirst can’t contend. He lacks the gravitas, even when he exhibits a cabinet filled with clinical textbooks about oncology or a portray of his ex-Goldsmiths tutor Michael Craig-Martin posing with Hirst’s diamond cranium, like a professorial Hamlet.

Hirst’s Reality paintings and sculptures could possibly be a play on what’s real and what’s not, as befits our age, but a ton of the time they just appear exhausted and lacking in any urgency. Fact.

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