May 18, 2022

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Set the little critters free of charge at Ladybug Jubilee

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Most concur that ladybugs are the cutest bugs of all, but did you know that they are minimal miracle staff when it arrives to retaining your backyard healthful and totally free of pests?

It’s legitimate, ladybugs (officially known as girl beetles) are a gardener’s very best pal, due to the fact they feed on tender-bodied insects, and can consume as several as 5,000 aphids in their lifetime. Ladybugs also like to try to eat spider mites, white fly eggs, mealy bugs, thrips, and scale. After their eggs hatch into minor alligator-formed larvae, they devour pests by the hundreds. The trick is to get enough of them into your garden to preserve the pests beneath control.

Cara Fleischer



During the to start with 12 months of our church garden at Saint Paul’s UMC, our vegetation were being infested with aphids, and the kale started out seeking harmful as the underside of the leaves turned covered in bumpy, sticky goop.

We have an organic and natural yard, so we ended up looking for pure choices to pesticides. Our staff made the decision to acquire on the laborious undertaking of hand washing each leaf with soapy h2o and fortunately saved the vegetation.

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