February 1, 2023

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Silk Flower Arrangements – Using Silk Flower Arrangements For a Wedding

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In 2008, statistics say that the average couple spends between 10 and 20% of their entire wedding budget on their flowers or silk flower arrangements, wedding plants, bouquets and boutonnières, and table centerpieces for the reception area. And that’s a hefty chunk of change considering that the current figure of average wedding expenses for couples in the US is pushing $25,000. In this article, we’ll talk about cutting those costs way down and how you can turn an investment that would usually only last the weekend into something that will be enjoyed year after year.

By choosing silk flower arrangements, silk wedding flowers for bouquets or boutonnière’s, and artificial plant and floral centerpieces, you can cut your costs way down and also turn that investment into long term decor for your new home. Once the wedding is over, the champagne has been poured, and the couple has left, the only thing left to do is clean up.

Live plants only stay beautiful and useful for a week or two depending on the level of care they get after the wedding. Traditionally the bridal bouquet is the only thing that gets special attention, and typically, that attention is to be thrown over the shoulder of the bride, never to be seen or cherished again. In recent years, a wedding-toss bouquet has made it possible for the bride to keep her original bouquet for sentimentality, but even thereafter, drying and preserving it properly is no small task.

Today’s silk flower arrangements are extremely lifelike and beautiful. From delicate veins running through their petals to the elegant way that stems seamlessly meet up with blooms, telling if the silk flower arrangement is truly live or artificial is much harder than you might think. Choosing to use silk flower arrangements and bouquets over their live counterparts offers many benefits without losing a bit of the beauty and realism of the arrangement. So instead of trying to preserve a beautiful bridal bouquet, instead, it can also be turned into a stunning centerpiece or be kept beautifully in a glass vase, held together by acrylic water, to be enjoyed in a prominent part of the new house.

Another huge advantage is that the wedding arrangements and bouquets can be prepared as far in advance as is needed. No more worrying about last minute weather changes that might spoil your gorgeous calla lily bouquet or thoughts of how the summer heat and humidity might affect the delicate leaves and blooms of your other arrangements. No last minute deliveries of the wrong flower or even last minute rushing around to get all the plants arranged “just so”. Choosing silk means you can arrange your plants, your bouquets, and all of your reception centerpieces literally months in advance. And for you allergy sufferers, no swollen, itchy eyes on your wedding day.

Make your wedding as special as it possibly can and turn a sizeable short-term investment into something you’ll be able to enjoy for many years after the last of the rice has been picked out of your hair!

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