May 23, 2022

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Victorian household furniture was bigger, darker than modern counterparts

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Victorian household furniture was greater, heavier and usually darker and a lot extra ornate than the mid-century or even modern day pieces applied today. The residences had been significant and dim. The electric powered gentle was not invented until eventually about 1805, and the candles and oil lamps made use of for mild could only illuminate a smaller area. 

Major carvings could be noticed, dim wooden protected some of the flaws and rich householders who bought the expensive home furnishings had large residences with huge rooms and the household furniture was styled to clearly show off the dimension and prosperity. 

The ideal furniture makers and designers in New York favored George Hunzinger, who arrived from Germany in 1855. He created unconventional home furnishings that had wooden components that seemed like lollipops and plumbing parts. Lots of chairs folded up. He patented in excess of 20 patterns. 

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